A Critical Examination of the Democratic Transition in South Africa: The Question of Public Participation

Author(s): Deegan, H

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Abstract South Africa has emphasized the notion of participatory democracy & has introduced novel experiments to achieve this objective. However, more recently, its focus has shifted to that of institutional & legislative reform in order to enable disadvantaged communities to become more involved in the political process. This paper considers these changes & concludes that since 1994 general political activity has declined rather than increased, especially among the young. The extent to which the local government initiatives of 2000 will be successful in "taking democracy to the people" is also uncertain. 13 Tables. Adapted from the source document.
Publication Title Commonwealth & Comparative Politics
Publisher Taylor & Francis Group
Publication Date 03/2002
URIs http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/713999575
Keywords Analysis
Citizen participation
Democratic regimes
Institutional reform
Legislative process
Local Government
Policy Reform
Political Development
Political Participation
Political Science
Political activity
Political participation
Political transition
Public participation
Regime transition
South Africa
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