Thinking about Cities

Author(s): Abbott, Carl

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Abstract It is suggested that the question of why people congregate in cities & the issue of civic order have dominated the field of urban history since its invention in the mid-1800s. Four eras in the development of urban history are described; mid-19th-century histories embodied an optimistic view of local history that was used by elites as a tool to justify city growth, but also described the construction of communities. The histories of the Gilded Age & Progressive Era were slightly more systematic, but recorded by amateurs. Academic research on urban history was launched around 1930 in the tradition of the Chicago school, with the development of comparative city history beginning in the 1950s & 1960s. B. Persky
Publication Title Journal of Urban History
Publisher SAGE Publications, Inc
Publication Date 09/1996
Keywords Beliefs, opinions and attitudes
History of Sociology
Intellectual History
Nineteenth Century
Social History
Social Science Research
Sociology, Urban
United States
United States of America
Urban Affairs
Urban areas
Urban history
Urban sociology
urban history, disciplinary development/evolution, mid-19th century-present, US
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