Behind most mass violence lurk economic interests

Author(s): Abugre, Charles

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Abstract Examines economic dimensions of genocidal manifestations in Africa. Although Africa has exhibited progress in terms of the deepening of democratic institutions, fair elections, a liberalized media, & an increase in civil society bodies, genocides rooted in the continent's historical relationship with the West continue to occur. Today's motive for genocide is the same as it was during the period of slavery; namely, "a violent scramble for loot, in which foreign interventions exploit & exacerbate primordial identity politics with cunning, proxy armies, mercenary armies, & full-scale invasions." Attention is called to the important role of the World Bank in legitimizing the grabbing of the loot through contracts that create "legal" rights & obligations in an illegal occupation. Recent scrambles for economic resources, including competition for water bodies, are described, along with genocide resulting from public policies that lead to a radical redistribution of wealth, many which were externally imposed on African governments. The need for the international community to support African initiatives & invest in the building of civic consciousness in Africa is emphasized. References. J. Lindroth
Publication Title Development dialogue
Publication Date 12/2008
Keywords Africa
Development studies
Economic Factors
Economic conditions
Economic growth
Gross domestic product
Public policy
Social unrest
UN Conventions
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