Titans of the Enron Economy: The Ten Habits of Highly Defective Corporations

Author(s): Klinger, Scott; Sklar, Holly

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Abstract Outside the spotlight on Enron's rise and fall, government policies and accounting practices continue to reward and shelter many firms with harmful practices. This report examines 10 Enron habits, all of which ultimately contributed to the company's demise, and all of them common in corporate America. It explains the negative consequences of each habit and examines other companies with similar behavior. It ranks the 100 worst companies for each habit and award leaders in each category with an Enny Award for outstanding Enron-like performance. It gives a Lifetime Achievement Enny to the corporation with the highest combined score for Enron-like performance in all 10 categories. The report concludes with a 12-Step Program to break corporate addictions to Enronesque habits and prevent future Enron-like debacles. http://www.ufenet.org/press/2002/Enron.pdf
Publisher United for a Fair Economy
Publication Date 04/2002
URIs http://gateway.proquest.com/openurl?url_ver=Z39.88-2004&res_dat=xri:policyfile&rft_dat=xri:policyfile:article:00046840
Keywords Budget and Spending
Domestic Issues (U.S.)
Economic Issues
Elections-Campaign Finance
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