Author(s): Ranjana M.Chavan

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Abstract Microfinance sector has grown rapidly over the past few decades. Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus is credited with laying the foundation of the modern MFIs with establishment of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh in 1976. Today it has evolved into a vibrant industry exhibiting a variety of business models. The microfinance sector is having a healthy growth rate, there have been a number of concerns related to the sector, like grey areas in regulation, transparent pricing, low financial literacy etc. In addition to these concerns there are a few emerging concerns like cluster formation, insufficient funds, multiple lending and over-indebtedness which are arising because of the increasing competition among the MFIs.
Publication Title Golden Research Thoughts
Publisher Golden Research Thoughts
Publication Date 09/2013
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Keywords Growth rate
cluster formation
financial literacy
insufficient funds
multiple lending
transparent pricing
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