Poverty, Inequality and Growth in Selected Middle East and North African Countries, 1980-2000

Author(s): Adams, Richard H., Jr; Page, John

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Abstract This paper uses crosscountry data & country-case studies to analyze trends in poverty, inequality & economic growth in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. Compared to other regions, the MENA region has a low incidence of poverty & income inequality. Two factors account for this situation: international migration/remittances & public sector (government) employment. Since the early 1980s international migration to the Persian Gulf & Europe has helped boost the incomes of the poor in the Middle East. At the same time, many MENA countries have used government employment as a means of keeping people employed & out of poverty. Regression analysis of crosscountry data shows that both of these factors have a statistically significant impact on reducing the level & depth of poverty in the MENA region. 11 Tables, 1 Figure, 1 Appendix, 34 References. [Copyright 2003 Elsevier Ltd.]
Publication Title World Development
Publication Date 12/2003
Keywords Economic Development
Income Distribution
Middle East
North Africa
Public Sector
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