Evaluating the process of development in Egypt, 1980-97

Author(s): Adams, Richard H. Jr

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Abstract \xa0 The rate of development in Egypt between 1980 and 1997 is examined. Development level is measured using the Human Development Index, formulated by the UN, which is based on three factors--longevity, educational achievement, and income. The levels of life expectancy and adult literacy are compared with those of 40 other developing countries. A series of Egyptian household budget surveys is used to assess changes in income, poverty, and inequality over the time period. Changes in Egyptian land and labor productivity are compared to similar changes in 40 other developing states. The findings are evaluated, and it is concluded that development did not occur in Egypt during these years.
Publication Title International Journal of Middle East Studies [H.W. Wilson - SSA]
Publisher H.W. Wilson - Social Science Abstracts
Publication Date 05/2000
URIs http://search.proquest.com/docview/222285239
Keywords Economic development/Egypt
Economic development/Social aspects
Social indicators
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