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Title Author(s) ISBN
A Critical Reflection on Globalisation and Inequality: A New Approach to the Development of the South Prabhakar, A.C 1569-2094
A Cross-Cultural Test of Collins's Theory of Sexual Stratification Johnson, G. David 0022-2445
A Cross-National Analysis of Militarization and Well-Being Relationships in Developing Countries Kick, Edward L 0049-089X
A Death-Defying Attempt to Articulate a Coherent Definition of Environmental History Weiner, Douglas R 1084-5453
A Deleuzian critique of resource-use management politics in Industria Hipwell, William T 0008-3658
A Dirty Dilemma: The Hazardous Waste Trade LIPMAN, ZADA 0739-1854
A Discourse-Centered Approach to Language and Culture Sherzer, Joel 0002-7294
A Duplex Theory of Hate: Development and Application to Terrorism, Massacres, and Genocide Sternberg, Robert J 0022-1309
A European citizenship or a Europe of citizens? Third country nationals in the EU Hansen, Randall 1369-183X
A Feminist Critique of Recent Archaeological Theories and Explanations of the Rise of State-Level Societies KEY, CAROL JANE 0304-4092
"A Gift for Generations to Come": A Kiroba Popular History from Tanzania and Identity as Social Capital in the 1980s Shetler, Jan Bender 0361-7882
A Global Resources Dividend Pogge, Thomas W 9780847684953
A Historical Archaeology of Capitalism Leone, Mark P 0002-7294
A History of Forestry in Sarawak Kaur, Amarjit 0026-749X
A Human Rights Approach to Development Hamm, Brigitte I 0275-0392
A Japanese Perspective on the Universalism vs Particularism Debate Wakabayashi, Judy 0890-4758
A Japanese contribution to the critique of rational choice Marxism Westra, Richard 0037-802X
A King's Art: Dynastic Ambition and State Interest in Hussein's Jordan Mufti, Malik 0959-2296
A Life Satisfaction Measure Based on Judgment Theory Meadow, H. L 0303-8300