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Title Author(s) ISBN
A Life in History Hobsbawm, E. J 0031-2746
A Media Monarchy? Queen Victoria and the radical press 1837-1901 Plunkett, John 1368-8804
A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Common Currencies on International Trade Rose, Andrew NO ISBN FOUND
A Meta-Analytic Test of Intergroup Contact Theory Pettigrew, Thomas F 0022-3514
A Modern Theory of Just War Lackey, Douglas 0014-1704
A Nation in Pain: Why the Hiv/Aids Epidemic is Out of Control in Zimbabwe Sibanda, Amson 0020-7314
A New Development Paradigm: Employment, Entitlement and Empowerment Virmani, Arvind 0012-9976
A New Kind of Pilgrimage: The Modern Tourist Pilgrim of Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century Palestine Cohen-Hattab, Kobi 0026-3206
A New Modus Operandi for the Agricultural Economics Profession Stonehouse, D Peter 1187-7863
A Niche Theory of Interest Representation Gray, Virginia 0022-3816
A Note on the Hicksian Concept of Income Zacharias, Ajit NO ISBN FOUND
A Partial Revolution: The Diplomatic Ethos and Transparency in Intergovernmental Organizations Roberts, Alasdair 0033-3352
A Philosophical Perspective on the Ethics and Resolution of Cultural Properties Issues Warren, Karen J 0-7591-0170-1
A Philosophy of International Law Garcia, Frank J 0002-9300
A Pipe Dream Come True: The International Expansion of the Hume Pipe Company in the 1920s Emerson-Elliott, Richard 0007-6791
A Political Economy Approach to the Neoclassical Model of Transition Marangos, John 9780631234968
A Political Economy in an Ecological Web Shogren, Jason F 0393975231
A Political Sociology of Education and Development in Latin America: The Conditioned State, Neoliberalism, and Educational Policy Arnove, Robert F 0020-7152
A Postmodern Philosophy of Markets Nooteboom, Bart 0020-8825