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Title Author(s) ISBN
Negotiating Asante family survival in Kumasi, Ghana Clark, Gracia 0001-9720
A chief by the people: nation versus state in Lesotho Coplan, David B 0001-9720
The urban-rural connection: Changing issues of belonging and identification Geschiere, P 0001-9720
Seen From Below: Conceptions of Politics and the State in a Botswana Village Helle-Valle, Jo 0001-9720
Militarism, gender and reproductive suffering: the case of abortion in Western Dinka Jok, Jok Madut 0001-9720
The Persistence of Subsistence and the Limits to Development Studies: The Challenge of Tanzania Waters, Tony 0001-9720
The invention of biodiversity: social perspectives on the management of biological variety in Africa Guyer, Jane 0001-9720
Diversity at different levels: farm and community in western Nigeria Guyer, Jane I 0001-9720
Powers in the Village: Rural Benin Between Democratisation and Decentralisation Bierschenk, Thomas 0001-9720
The Father as Witch Colson, Elizabeth 0001-9720
Nkrumah's adaptations of Marxist-Leninist conceptualization of the class question Boateng, C A 0001-9828
India-Africa economic and technical co-operation, 1947-1997: an assessment Ramchandani, R.R 0001-9828
Deforestation in sub-Saharan Africa: logging industry and the African governments Bosquet, Benoit 0001-9828
The BBC and the development of broadcasting in British Colonial Africa 1946-1956 Armour, Charles 0001-9909
Libya's Foreign Policy in Flux Solomon, Hussein 0001-9909
The ANC in Exile Ellis, Stephen 0001-9909
Explaining the Clash and Accommodation of Interests of Major Actors in the Creation of the African Union Tieku, Thomas Kwasi 0001-9909
Imperial Leadership in Ethiopia Clapham, Christopher 0001-9909
The Social Base of the Uganda Peoples' Congress, 1958-70 Sathyamurthy, T. V 0001-9909
His Eternity, His Eccentricity, or His Exemplarity? A Further Contribution to the Study of H. E. the African Head of State Kirk-Greene, A. H. M 0001-9909