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Access to essential drugs and globalization 'T Hoen, Ellen 1011-6370
Lake Victoria: Casualty of capitalism A Kent MacDougall 0027-0520
Animal Ethics and Interest Conflicts Aaltola, Elisa 1085-6633
Price pass-through and the minimum wage Aaronson, Daniel 0034-6535
Poverty, Political Freedom, and the Roots of Terrorism Abadie, Alberto 0898-2937
Shopping Malls, Consumer Culture and the Reshaping of Public Space in Egypt Abaza, Mona 0263-2764
Government, Business, and the Making of the Internet Abbate, Janet 0007-6805
Thinking about Cities: The Central Tradition in U.S. Urban History Abbott, Carl 0096-1442
History and Economics: Can Students (and Professors) Learn Together? Abbott, William 8756-7555
Urban Water Management in Developing Arid Countries Abderrahman, Walid 0790-0627
Women of the intifada: gender, class and national liberation Abdo, Nahla 0306-3968
The Ghana Public Records and Archives Administration Department-Tamale: A Guide for Users Abdulai, Iddirisu 0361-5413
The search for new partnerships: Institutional building and conflict resolution Abdulai, Napoleon 1011-6370
Booming the Film Business: The Historical Specificity of Early French Cinema Abel, Richard 0813522269
The Consistency of Inconsistency: Tracing Ontario's Opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement Abelson, Donald E 0008-4239
Perceptions of the Collective Other Abelson, Robert P 1088-8683
Translating Theoretical Ideas into Modern State Reform: Economics-Inspired Reforms and Competing Models of Governance Aberbach, Joel D 0095-3997
Evaluation of Urban Sustainability in Specific Sectors in Latvia Abolina, Kristine 1387-585X
The Formation of In-Group Favoritism and Out-Group Prejudice in Young Children: Are They Distinct Attitudes? Aboud, Frances E 0012-1649